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How To
Cook A

Mrs. Insleeís Kindergarten

First you hunt a turkey then you shoot the turkey. You cut the feathers off the turkey. Then you take him home and put him in the freezer. Then you decorate him. Then you eat him. -Merik Baier

We go to the store to get a turkey. Then we cook it at home in the house. Then we eat it. -Judson Barnard

We go to the grocery store and buy a turkey. Then we cook it at home and make some bones stick out. Then we cut it and eat it. -Jiya Bhatka

We buy the turkey at the store. We cook it on the stove for probably an hour. Then we put cherries on it and then we eat it. -Remmie Brown

We have to go hunting for a turkey. We have to shoot the turkey then take all the feathers off. Then we have to take the guts out. Then we cook it on the stove.
-Emalee Etheridge

First we go to the barn to get the turkey. We cut the feathers and we cook it and next we eat it. - Miguel Hernandez

We go to get the turkey in the woods. Then we kill him with a gun and then you pull out the stuff you donít eat inside of him. After that you have to cook him on your grill or stove for 50 minutes and then you slice him. Then you serve him on a little plate. - Bryce Johnson

We go to get the turkey after ďSĒ days. (Days you are home.) Then you get a truck to get the turkey. You get it for Thanksgiving Day. Put it in a pan and cut it and then put in on a plate. You put lettuce, mustard and tomatoes on the turkey too.
-Cody McLemore

Go shoot a turkey at a river. Then take it home and put it in the oven for five minutes. Put pepper on it and then you eat it. -Brooke McLemore

First I go hunting for turkeys. Then I kill the turkey. Then I cook it on my grill at home. Then I eat it. -Rayelinn Romans

We go to the store and buy a turkey. Then we cook it in the oven for 25 minutes. Then you eat it. -Dylan Otto

You go to the store and buy a turkey. You chop the feathers off and then you put it on the grill for about an hour or so. Then you eat it. -Mason Nickel

We put mustard on the turkey and then we go to get it at the jungle. Then we put it in the oven for five minutes.Then we eat it. -Bryson Werner

We hunt the turkey in the forest. Then we shoot the turkey with bullets. Then we rip it apart and then we put it in a pan. We put pepper on it too. We cook it for five minutes and then get it out of the oven and then we eat it. -Gabby Towne

We go get the turkey in the forest. Then we shoot it. Then we cook it on the grill for five seconds. We put silver seasoning on it. Then you eat it. -Addyson Seigworth

We go get a turkey at the animal store. We get the turkey and then we borrow the turkey and make it in the stove. We put meat on the turkey and we bring the turkey to Thanksgiving. -Jace Jackson

Mrs. Ludwickís Kindergarten

For our Thanksgiving turkey first we kill it, then we cook it. To cook it we put it in the oven. Tear the skin off and eat it.
by Emery June Shinliver

First you need to get ready and put your clothes on and then go out the door. Chase after the turkey until you catch it, then you shoot it with a gun. To cook the turkey put it in the oven and then eat it.
by Kenzie Cunningham

We eat meat turkeys but I want cookies for Thanksgiving. I would make two turkeys with frosting and cookies and make it colorful. I also would put sparkles on his head and then add legs with more cookies. Put a gumdrop on for a nose and a mouth with licorice and eyes with more sparkles. Then eat it!
by Emilee Wells

I would ask my papa to shoot a turkey for me. I would then take the turkey and cook it in the oven at my house. I would mix up some sour cream in a pot and add frosting with sprinkles. I am going to spread this on the top of the turkey and put flowers around it to make it pretty. Then it is ready to eat.
by Aubrey Burton

Get a turkey body and pull off the feathers, beak and feet. Just want to eat the meat and bones, but you cannot eat the bones. Throw the bones away. Eat your turkey.
by Ian Sawyer

To get a Thanksgiving turkey first you will have to chase it around. I will let my dadda get the turkey then cook it at Sonic. I will also eat my turkey at Sonic after they decorate it with dots and zig zags.
by Leah Rosenberger

When I get a gun I would go shoot a turkey as it is flying in the air and not lose it. Slice it with a knife, cook it in the oven with macaroni and cheese. Take it all to Thanksgiving and eat it.
by Hunter Kring

You shoot a turkey and cook it in the oven. Then you slice it into pieces and then you eat it.
by Kaydence Johnson

Go to the grocery store and buy a turkey. My mom usually puts a can into the turkey you cook it on the grill. We have a really big grill. Then the last thing you take it inside and eat it.
by Ryatt Wheelock

My mom and grandpa put it in the oven when it is dead meat. I take a huge bite and cut it up and share it. My favorite part of the turkey is his head.
by Cavin Horn

You get a turkey in the wild and shoot it with a bow and arrow. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes and let it bake. Then you eat it and then have to wait until Christmas to get another one.
by Evan Rinke

Pull the turkey from outside and then cook it outside on the stove. We cut it up and eat it after praying.
by Auston Dutton

I like turkeys and like to eat his big tummy. We get our turkey roasted on the grill, and then we also have salad and macaroni and cheese. We also have ham and cheese sandwiches and a banana dessert. Everyone comes to grandmas and eats.
by Alexis Wiser

I am going to get a huge turkey from somebody who brings it to me. We cook the turkey with an oven and pray and eat it.
by Justin Wedman

By Mrs. Hutflesí Kindergarten class

Tallie Rambat: Iím not really the grill?

Collin Wampler: The mom just cooks it, and then Collin cooks it.

Curtis Findley: Take all the feathers off, take the head off, and then two bones will be sticking up and it will be round. Then you put it in the oven and you cook it.

Phoenix Taylor: First you have to kill it. Then you boil it. No, you take the feathers off, and then you boil it. You put it in a pot and you set the timer, and then when itís done you eat it for Thanksgiving.

Chance Schwerdtfeger: In the oven.

Cason Adams: You cut it apart and toast it.

Harlee Packard: You cook it on a stove or you can cook it over fire.

Emma Lehmann: You can cut it and cook it in the oven.

Piper Parkins: You catch it and put it in a big bowl. Then you cook it in the oven.

Braxton Herd: Cook it in a pan.

Aubrey Miltner: You cook it in either the oven or the other thing. Threeís a drawer and you put it in and set the timer, and it turns the turkey around.

Doc Nuffer: You take a bag and put it on the turkey and then you put it in the oven. You use a special bag so it doesnít melt.

Payton Senthong: You cook it in the oven, you cut it apart and you eat it. Thatís how you cook a turkey. I donít eat turkey because Iím allergic to the feathers - they make me sneeze.

Kaden Brumley: On a grill for two seconds.

Lakota Azure: Mommy cooks the turkey. She puts salt on it and puts it in the grill. It takes 35 minutes to cook.


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